Hi. Welcome to T & K Home Market. We are a family-owned company based on a small tropical island called Saipan. We believe that a company has a responsibility to make quality products and do it sustainably. We aim to make our products with as much reclaimed, recycled, re-used, or sustainably harvested material as possible.  Please take a look around and we hope you enjoy our products.  

The Owners


Hey, there.  I was born in Oregon but spent a lot of my childhood in Texas on my grandparent's farm.  I grew up doing odd jobs and using all sorts of tools.  This instilled in me a love for using my hands to make things. I love woodworking, blacksmithing, farming,  etc.  I also have a deep love for nature and take our responsibility to protect it seriously.  I want to ensure my sons and their children will have an opportunity to grow up in a beautiful and healthy world.

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P.O. BOX 7581 SVRB

SAIPAN, MP 96950

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